• Gann Hydromette Compact B


    Gann Hydromette Compact B

    Price 150.00 Euro - per 1 device.

    Electronic structural moisture indicator using a technique based on the dielectric constant/ high frequency measuring principle.  Used for the reading of moisture levels in a drying screed floor.

    The indicator is equipped with a digital LCD readout and a universally applicable ball sensor for non-destructive location of moisture concentration in all kinds of building materials as well as for assessment of moisture distribution in walls, floors and ceilings.

    MEASURING RANGE STRUCTURAL MOISTURE: 0 to 100 digits (scanning range)


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    Technical Specification – Gann Moisture Meter - Hydromette Compact B

    ·   Handy rapid-action moisture indicator in pocket size for fast single and series measurements.

    ·       Size: H 200 mm x W35 mm x D35 mm. Weight approx. 190g

    ·       No separate measuring electrodes or cables required.

    ·       Ideal pre-tester for use with all moisture analysers using the carbide method.

    ·       Fully automatic adjustment of the indicator.

    ·       Power supply by 9 V dry cell or rechargeable battery.

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