Glass Fibres for Screed


Glass Fibres for Screed 

A professional polypropylene and glass fibre mixture, specifically designed for use in screeds and concrete.  Addition to screed mix will reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and increase impact & abrasion resistance.  

Sold in 1 kg bags.  

30 per bag.

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- Uniform distribution and no formation of lumps

- Does not float to the surface

- Minimisation of premature shrinkage cracks in the cement

- Takes over the tensions during the setting process

- Lower price than PP and AR - glass fibres thanks to higher availability on the market

- They do not corrode

Technical Details for Glass Fibres for Screed 


Fibre Length (mm)

Dosage (kg/m³)

Item No.

PP + fibreglass mix


*0.75 - 3 kg per m³ screed


We highly recommend that you carry out specific tests to determine the optimum quantity for your mixes. 

* Above information can be only general instructions. The working conditions outside our sphere of influence and the variety of different materials exclude a claim from this information. In case of doubt, we recommend carrying out sufficient tests. A warranty can be applied only to the constant quality of SMET distributed products.

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