• GD 749 Universal Floor and Wall Primer - 20 litre


    Sopro GD 749 Universal Floor and Wall Primer - 20 litres

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    Unit price is for 1 x 20 litre drum.

    Sopro GD 749 Universal Floor & Wall Primer, is a solvent-free, fast-drying, synthetic resin primer for high or variable suction substrates.  Used for the pretreatment of cement screeds, calcium sulphate-based screeds, board subfloors, gypsum plasterboard & gypsum fibreboard, lime/cement render and gypsum plasterwork.

    Water soluble for application to high-suction substrates. Use Sopro GD 749 primer only in concentrated form with gypsum-bound substrates, calcium sulphate screeds or when used for priming prior to application of self-levelling floor screed compounds.


    100 – 200 g/m² depending on substrate absorption

    Benefits of Sopro GD 749 Universal Floor and Wall Primer

    • Fast drying
    • Suitable for sealing calcium sulphate screeds
    • May be diluted with water depending on application
    • High penetration
    • Solvent-free
    • Suitable for floor heating systems
    • EC1 PLUS very low emission PLUS
    • for indoor and outdoor use 


    Field of Application

    Sopro GD 749 primer reduces absorbency and evens out variable suction in the substrate. It stabilizes friable surfaces, binds loose particles and improves adhesion. Sopro GD 749 primer prevents pin-holes when self-levelling compounds are used thus premature water loss is prevented where thin-bed tile adhesives are subsequently applied.


    Suitable Substrates

    Absorbent substrates such as cement render, lime/cement render, gypsum plaster, renders made from masonry cement, concrete, aerated concrete, paperless gypsum panels, gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard, cement screeds, calcium sulphate-based screeds, magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds. 

    Also available in 10-litre drums – click for info.

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